Stacha-Stuttering Experience Device by Yuka Fukuoka

Yuka Fukuoka Shows The Stacha Stuttering Experience Device

Yuka Fukuoka, the designer of the awarded project Stuttering Experience Device:STACHA by Yuka Fukuoka says, Stuttering affects as many as 1 in 100 adults, or 70 million people worldwide. Stuttering is a disorder defined by a broken pattern of speech, either by the repetition of syllables, prolongation of words, or extended pauses. STACHA permits wearers to experience a stuttering-like sensation by sending a faint and thankfully painless, current of electricity through the larynx, which then constricts the muscles in the throat, making it difficult to properly pronounce words. From this experience, general people can get an understanding and empathy for stuttering people..

Stacha-Stuttering Experience Device by Yuka Fukuoka Images:


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