Wine Packaging Design by Luka Balic

Luka Balic Demonstrates The Rudy & Billy Wine Packaging Design

Luka Balic, the designer of the award winning work Wine Packaging Design by Luka Balic explicates, Rudy & Billy is wine brand that serves wine in a beer bottle, targeting young people who search for the beer alternatives. Merged letters depict blending between the elegance of wine and practicality of a beer bottle. The idea of "turning wine clichés upside down" is expressed through logo mark which looks the same when standing up and upside-down. Because it looks the same even when turned upside-down, it also has the meaning of "never being down". It communicates positivity and encouragement to overcome any problems, invites users to enjoy their life and have fun..

Wine Packaging Design by Luka Balic Images:


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